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Tickover Ford Capri V8 in 1995

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Quicksilver stainless steel exhaustTypical Spax suspension kitShopping for parts for your Ford?


25 years old !   Wow ! It doesn't seem that long ago to us, but we actually open for business on New Year's Day back in 1992.

Summer is quickly going by and the cars are queuing in a tailback for work!  Parts supplies are on the up and more new stuff appears each week for the old girls.

Here are some pics of recent cars we have played with:


Capri RS2600 race replica of Le Mans car from 1972.     -     FOR SALE !
You would need to contact the owner directly. Asking price is 54,950.00
Call Terry Nicholls on 07944 811874   to discuss the spec. Car is in West Sussex.

Supercharged Sierra 4x4 !

Manual 3.0 Ghia - locked away when it was 2 years old and not used till now!  13000 miler !


INSURANCE? We all hate paying for that, but your classic Ford needs it, especially with the way the values are climbing!  These guys are the best we know, Try them for a quick free quote ADRIAN S FLUX and Co.


Newest additions to the online shop (click the pictures to view in the shop)

Ford Capri Fuel Tank Strap Bolts Ford Capri Fuel Tank Straps Capri 2.8i Alloy Radiators
Capri 2.8i and 3.0 Radiators Capri heater elements Capri 2.8i alloy header Tank
Uprated 2.8i Master Cylinders Type 5 Gearstick bushing Stainless hose clip sets
Capri MK2 MK3 bumpstops Capri 2/3 door top trim +  rubber clips Capri  rear 1/4 window trim clip

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