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Tickover Ford Capri V8 in 1995

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Quicksilver stainless steel exhaustTypical Spax suspension kit          Shopping for parts for your Ford?


We are stockists for these and many more:

Magnum Classic Car Panels for Fords            Spax performance shock absorbers             HiSpec motorsport performance brake kits

Grayston road and race equipment   Superflex performance urethane suspension bushes     JSPermormance silicone hoses

Good news for all those people looking for throttle cables for their Capris. We've got new ones being made right now and they should be hitting the shelves in about 2 weeks time. Keep your eye on https://www.tickover.co.uk/shop/contents/en-uk/d138.html
There will be all the OHC models and the 2.8i and the 3.0 versions available. 

Ford Capri Throttle Cables

The new fuel tanks keep coming and going. We still have the non-injection model in stock at 175.00+vat.  The injection version at 200+vat is currently out of stock but Magnum tell us more will be coming in a month or so. We've asked for a bigger batch this time. Keep your eye on:

Capri Injection Fuel tank

What have we been up to:

Well apart from an endless stream of 2.8i Capris and 2.8i Turbo capris to fix fueling issues with (mostly cause by long periods of being locked in garages) we have messed with a Mercury Cougar and played with 400 BHP Sierras and much more here are a couple of snaps. By the way we put this new engine in the Cougar - it was a whopper 532 cu.in thats 8.7 litres for those without calculations skills !

1968 Mercury Cougar 8.7 litres

1968 Mercury Cougar 8.7 litres

1968 Mercury Cougar 8.7 litres

1968 Mercury Cougar 8.7 litres

Sierra 4x4 400BHP Turbo

Sierra 4x4 400BHP Turbo

Sierra 4x4 400BHP Turbo

Sierra 4x4 400BHP Turbo

Here are some of the newer items in our shop:

Ford Capri MK3 bonnet strip Ford Capri MK2 chrome mirrors X/flow stat housing
Capri MK3 bonnet edge strip Ford Capri MK2 chrome mirrors Ford x/flow thermostat housing 
Ford Capri Fuel Tank Strap Bolts Ford Capri Fuel Tank Straps Capri 2.8i Alloy Radiators
Capri 2.8i and 3.0 Radiators Capri heater elements Capri 2.8i alloy header Tank
Uprated 2.8i Master Cylinders Type 5 Gearstick bushing Stainless hose clip sets
Capri MK2 MK3 bumpstops Capri 2/3 door top trim +  rubber clips Capri  rear 1/4 window trim clip

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