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Ford Capri 2.8i injection fuel tank

Fuel tank complete with internal swirl pot suitable and fuel pump take off spout suitable for all Ford Capri Mk3 2.8i models or suitable for fitting to all Mk2 & Mk3 Ford Capri models that are being converted with an injected engine such as YB Cosworth, Zetec etc.

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Ford Capri fuel tank filler neck seal

Capri MK2 and MK3 fuel tank filler neck seal. This seal is used in the tank where the filler neck passes into the tank. It is also used on the bodywork where the neck comes through to the filler cap. Good high quality product.

Ford Capri MK2 and MK3 fuel tank vent/breather valve grommet seal.

Ford Capri MK3 bumper end cap clips

Capri MK3 bumper end cap side clips. Newer design - easier to use. For use on all Capri MK3 end caps - front and rear.

Ford Capri, Escort and Fiesta metal door mirror - new

Brand new hi-quality mirror reproductions - now in steel, like the originals. Available for both doors, in black or chrome finishes.
Used on MK2 and MK3 Capris, Mk1 and MK2 Fiestas and MK2 Escorts.

Pair of mild steel tanks straps to suit all MK2 and MK3 Capris. Priced at just £25.25+vat for the pair. We also do a stainless set for the people with bigger wallets who want that extra bling at £55.00+vat ! Click on the picture to see in the shop.

Scuttle repair panels for Capri MK2 and MK3, handed and available individually for £42.50+vat each. Click on the picture to see these and other body panels we stock.